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Prefer Pets Travel Gear

At Prefer Pets, we make thoughtfully designed, stylish small pet carriers for the caring, discerning pet owner on the move. Why? Because we love small pets. We understand them — what they need day to day to feel safe and happy, and how important they are to us.
We love travelling with them, and we know how stressful it can be for them.
For these reasons, we give pets convenient, safe and secure carriers for transportation by foot, car, plane and train.

"Love love love this carrier. I waited until I had used it a few times to write a review because I was somewhat afraid it would be flimsy and not hold up to airline travel, but this is the best carrier I've ever owned. I got it for my wee dog to replace a medium size Sherpa we had before, and it's better for a number of reasons..." 

-Amazon Review

"Best carrier I have ever owned! Perfect for air travel. The backpack rocks. My 14 lb shih tzu fits in it and slept soundly on the flight." 

-Amazon Review

"Best carrier for the frequent traveler. I have tried over a dozen carriers and this one remains my favorite. I fly all over the United States with my little 5 lb Maltese and I have to hide the carrier until we are ready to go, otherwise she will jump into it and refuse to get out until we leave." 

-Amazon Review

Traveling with your pets made easy.

Looking for the perfect carrier to travel with? Most of our pet carrier designs are Airline Approved! Forget finding a sitter or boarding... take your little pals with you on the adventure!

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Airline approved, secure, and comfortable for pets!